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MillaNova Australia – by Bella Victoria Bridal

MillaNova  produces some of the most beautiful bridal gowns for today’s Free Spirited Brides

In Short MillaNova Australia are an awesome bridal gown company.


MillaNova Australia M193-FrontMillaNova Australia Bridal GownMillaNova Australia Bridal Gown


Allow us to present these beautiful bridal gowns by MillaNova to our wonderful Australian customers.

The MillaNova company designs and produces the most exquisite handmade designer bridal gowns at Bella Victoria Bridal’s headquarters you will be able to view the entire  collection of these amazing wedding gowns.


Based in Europe they have a great talent in producing amazingly unique MillaNova bridal gowns.


MillaNova bridal gown by Bella Victoria Bridal


In particular the unique MillaNova bridal gowns are renowned worldwide as being beautiful, sexy and sophisticated.

Genuine MillaNova Gowns are hard to find like all good things unfortunately they are counterfeited by less scrupulous and cheap manufacturers in certain countries and are  extremely poor quality.

You need to always check the actual bridal gown designers wensites to see who are actual authorized dealers and here you will find Bella Victoria Bridal a trusted source for authentic bridal designs right here in Australia.

MillaNova are very selective about who carries their gowns and all Authorized Distributors appear on their homepage.

Beware of counterfeits sold by you know who? Only Authorized distributors carry the actual MillaNova gowns for MillaNova Australia.

This way can you ensure you are getting what you pay for in quality and design by MillaNova Australia.


MillaNova bridal gown by Bella Victoria Bridal


To this end we are proud to be a MillaNova distributor in Australia.

You can see a range of these gowns by going to the bridal gowns page.

For example below you can see some of the fine examples of their craftsmanship in bridal gown designs.


MillaNova bridal gown by Bella Victoria Bridal

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