Beach Wedding

Are you having a beach wedding ceremony?

Beach Wedding PhotoGetting Marriage in the Gold Coast

Having a coastal wedding ceremony has to be one of the most amazing experiences for any bride and groom.

If your looking for Bridal Gowns for the Beach you will be happy to know that you have a choice of Beach Wedding Dresses.

It goes with out saying there a number of Beach Style Bridal Gowns and amazing wedding dresses suitable for this location.

With this location there are the the challenges of wind and other factors that you may have to deal with on the day.

Broadbeach is a popular location for a Beach Wedding

Broadbeach has come a long way as once it was the little brother to the more popular surfers paradise beach.

Further to this for your guests there is Broadbeach Mall, with roving street artists and just so many dining locations.

Due to the sheer number of visitors there’s restaurants and bars by the plenty.


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The Gold Coast is renowned for its unique and beautiful beaches.

These beaches stretch from the southern end at Rainbow Bay to South Stradbroke Island in the north.

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From the Gold Coast City Council:

Beach wedding


First of all, if you are planning to say “I do” on the golden sands of the Gold Coast, you must first obtain City of Gold Coast approval.

For that reason there are a few things you should consider:

  1. For all Beach Weddings you should seek Council approval prior to the ceremony.
  2. The city does not charge the applicant for beach weddings.
  3. This is on a non-exclusive basis for simple ceremonies only.
  4. Furthermore, the ceremony is limited to a maximum of 50 people.

As a result there is minimal impact on the environment and other beach users.

For that reason Beach Weddings are not appropriate for people considering a large formal wedding.

Finally to obtain approval for your beach wedding, you must submit the Beach Wedding Application Form below.